Posture for New Year Resolution

by Peter on January 28, 2019

Happy 2019

Like most Canadians we make New Years resolutions. Some make goals for the year. Eating better, working out and getting more sleep. However one important goal I suggest is to have a look at your posture. Why not make a better posture one of your goals?

One of the areas I always look at when someone comes in with pain or discomfort is to look at their posture and see how your body is opposing gravity, a constent every minute of the day.

For instance I consistently see young people coming in for treatment with forward head posture, probably due to computers and smart phone use. Moreso than ever has this creeped into our lives without even being aware of the impact. The weight of the head takes up 1/7 of the body weight; therefore, maintaining a still position with the head leaning forward exerts 3.6 times more force than is required to maintain the same position with straight standing posture (Park SY, Yoo WG: Effects of the sustained computer work on upper cervical flexion motion. J Phys Ther Sci, 2014, 26: 441–442. [PMC free article] [PubMed])

This forward head posture is usually associated with a rounded shoulder and back. Let me ask you this. When you get in the car after work do you need to adjust the rear view mirror? Often a day at the computer, muscles fatiguing and gravity pushing us down all contribute to a rounded slumped over posture. Over time this becomes a natural habit for our body and we don’t even realize it. Then we catch ourselves in a store window and think “is that how I look?”

Pelvic angles also play an important role in your posture. Maintaining a balanced pelvis will insure that your centre of gravity is positioned correctly. Think of a top that spins. When in line with the gravitational lines the top spins freely, but as it looses its balance it starts to wobble. So does our body.

Make it your goal to have your posture analyzed. A postural screening can help you get back on track with appropriate exercises. And you will find that some of those nagging chronic pain areas will be a thing of the past.

Please feel to contact me should you have any questions or set a time to examine your posture.

In Health,

Peter Roach, RMT, NMT, Laser therapist

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