Welcome to our new therapist – Al Binks

by Peter on March 26, 2018

Alexander Binks completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia and is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.  Alexander takes the body through its natural range of motion to increase flexibility, joint range of motion, and joint awareness all while effectively decreasing pain.

Alexander’s knowledge in kinesiology helps him to incorporate specific corrective exercises, which in combination with fascial stretch therapy helps prevent future injuries and increase flexibility and mobility for any sport.

Alexander has a passion for treating individuals of all ages and has experience working with a wide range of athletes including cyclists, skiers, and tennis players, as well as working with individuals suffering from more serious conditions like orthopedic injuries, mild traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

What exactly is Fascial Stretch Therapy and how can it help me?  Fascial Stretch Therapy is a manual therapy that goes beyond the muscles and joints and focuses on stretching the fascia, a connective tissue system within the body that surrounds the muscles.  The best part of Fascial Stretch Therapy is that it is pain free! In addition to that, a modified version of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is used to increase flexibility in a short period of time.  Athletes choose to use Fascial Stretch Therapy to increase performance and decrease recovery time, however, anyone of any age suffering from any type of injury can benefit from Fascial Stretch Therapy.

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